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Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure comprises servers, storage devices, network, cloud management software, deployment software, and virtualization platforms.

Cloud Computing Infrastructure


Hypervisor is a low-level or firmware program which acts as a Virtual Machine Manager. It allows the sharing between several tenants of the single physical instance of cloud resources.

Management Software

This helps in managing and configuring the infrastructure.

Deployment Software

It lets the program deploy and integrate in the cloud.


It's the most critical part of cloud infrastructure. This requires cloud services to be linked over the Internet. Network can also be delivered over the Internet as a utility, which means the customer can customize the network route and the protocol.


The server helps calculate resource sharing, and provides other services such as resource allocation and de-allocation, resource monitoring , security, etc.


Cloud maintains storage in several replicas. If one storage resource fails, it can then be derived from another, making cloud computing more efficient.

Infrastructural Constraints

The following diagram shows fundamental constraints which cloud infrastructure should implement:

Cloud Computing Infrastructure


The key to managing resources in the cloud setting is virtualization technology. But a single resource or server can't satisfy the demand. Therefore consistency in capital, load balancing and application must be in place so that we can scale them on demand.


Scaling up an application delivery system isn't as easy as scaling up an application as it requires overhead adjustment or even network rearchitecture. Application delivery solution must therefore be scalable, which will require the virtual infrastructure in such a way that resource can be easily supplied and de-supplied.

Intelligent Monitoring

To achieve consistency and scalability, delivery of the application solution would need to be able to monitor smartly.


The mega data center will be architectured safely in the cloud. The control node, an entry point in the mega datacenter, must also be secure.