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Cloud Computing Network as a Service

Cloud Computing Network as a Service (NaaS)

Network-as-a-Service helps us to provide easy and safe access to the network infrastructure. NaaS allows the deployment of specific routing protocols.

NaaS utilizes the virtualized network infrastructure to provide the client with network services. NaaS Provider is responsible for maintaining and controlling the network resources. Getting a supplier working with a customer reduces the customer's workload. NaaS also provides network services as an utility. Even NaaS is based on the pay-per-use model.

How NaaS is delivered?

The customer is required to login to the web portal to use the NaaS model, where he can get an online API. The customer will configure the route here.

Customer in turn has to pay for the power used. Even the power may be turned off at any time.

Mobile NaaS

Mobile NaaS provides more and more versatile power over mobile devices. Virtualization technology is used to simplify the architecture, thereby providing more efficient processes.

NaaS Benefits

NaaS offers a number of benefits as discussed below:


customer is different, and the network may be segregated.


The customer just pays on demand for high-capacity network.


There are current reliability treatments which can be used for critical applications.


The methods for data protection are available and can be extended to highly sensitive applications.

Ease of adding new elements to service

Integrating new service elements into the Network is really easy.

Support Models

There are a range of support models needed to minimize operating costs.

Customer traffic isolation

A logical isolation of customer traffic.