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Difference between Node.js and Java

Node.js vs Java

SrNo Node.js Java
1. Single-threaded Node.js. multi-threaded is java
2. It does have asynchronous I / Os. It does have I / O synchronous.
3. Because of its asynchronous and non-blocking nature Node.js is faster than Java. Java is inherently synchronous and it is slower than Node.js.

Node.js advantages over Java

Following is a list of some key points which make Node.js superior to Java:

  1. Node.js works exceptionally well. It's faster than Java by about 20 per cent.
  2. Node.js has a vibrant and active community, with lots of code exchanged through github, etc.
  3. Node.js has an ever growing number of strong npm libraries.
  4. Node.js has an asynchronous IO that reflects the future of competition and scalability.
  5. Node.js shortens the total transfer time when uploading video and audio files. Applications with Node.js never buffer up data. So video sharing is preferred.
  6. A Node.js-written Web server would be faster than apache.

Java advantages over Node.js

Below is a list of some significant points where Java leads:

  1. Java has a rock-solid base with an life of over 20 years. So, it's more accurate and used widely.
  2. Java developers have three top-notch tools, Eclipse, NetBeans, or IntelliJ, well-integrated with debuggers, decompilers, and servers;
  3. Java enables remote debugging.