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History of the C Language

History of the C Language

Knowing the history of anything like history of C language always generate curiosity that is a good thing as it helps to understand the subject from its origin. In this tutorial we will be discussing a brief history of the C language.

The C language that is also a programming language was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at the bell laboratories of AT&T situated in the United States of America.

Dennis Ritchie is known as the founding father of the C language.

As it is said necessity is the mother of invention hence, C language was developed to overcome the problems from previous languages such as B, BCPL, etc.

In the beginning, C language was developed to be used in UNIX operating system. As it was one of its kind, it got many of its features in inheritance from the previously used languages such as B and BCPL.

Here is the list of all the languages that were already developed before the invention of the C language along with details of the invention year and the name of the developer:

Language Year Developed By
Algol 1960 International Group
BCPL 1967 Martin Richard
B 1970 Ken Thompson
Traditional C 1972 Dennis Ritchie
K & R C 1978 Dennis Ritchie & Kernighan
ANSI C 1989 ANSI Committee
ANSI/ISO C 1990 ISO Committee
C99 1999 Standardization Committee