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Interview Questions for HR Round

PHPTPOINT is Providing Few Tips with question and answers for HR Round

PHPTPOINT provides you here the proper way and guidance of HR interview questions and answers for freshers and professional both. you just need to be little bit of careful if you are planning for an interview on fresher level.

Keep very small and basic things in your mind when you go for HR round : HR will check your personality, your written and reading as well as your speaking skills, also you should create an interviewing prep checklist with the following steps.

In HR Round Always be Careful About these few Things.

  • Very carefully read and match the job description with your technical skills.
  • Just go through the company profile before you are going for an interview.
  • Get your formal clothes ready.
  • Check you your all professional documents and office location one day before
  • Carry your updated Resume
  • You should learn interview etiquettes like: (meet politely and enthusiastically, your body language; shake hands firmly and make eye contact as you articulate your points. Pay attention, be attentive, and look interested.)
  • Listen questions carefully than answerer properly.
  • Prepare for the salary related question and negotiations.

Q1. Tell me a little bit about yourself ?

Answer should be like, My Name is (for example, Rahul Singh), I am IT fresher with 6 moths of industrial training.
I have completed my graduation (passing year, stream, and Percentage).
I’m excited to find a role where I can show my skills and my abilities.

Q2. What are your Technical skills ?

Answer :  I have good knowledge of Core and advance PHP like (You should Explain about PHP contents) and I am strong in (as per JD if you are strong).

I have worked on Live projects (Show them your project URL if you have made any project while industrial training) Speak as much as you can about your technical skills clearly.

Q3. What are your strengths ?

Answer :  Well, If I talk about my strengths, I believe in team work and I always respect and care about timeframe of work so I always like to frame my work within the timeline, these are strengths I’m always trying to build on them.

Q4. What are you weaknesses ?

Answer : Well, I have very bad habit to give feedback to my juniors as well as my seniors which some would call “weaknesses” , and my second weakness is food habit , I am too much choosy about food etc(what you are addicted).

Q5. Why should I hire you ?

Answer : Well, I have all of the skills you are looking for in this position and the enthusiasm about the company that will help me thrive here; rest on you because you are the better judge.

Q6. After five year where do you see yourself ?

Answer : In coming five years I would love to be an established and settled team member of a company, ill upgrade my skill time to time as per company requirements.

Q7. If you get picked today, what will be your plan for the next two months ?

Answer : If today I get select for this position, I will use my first two months to understand my role and responsibilities carefully as it concerns my input to the business as well as increasing the general profitability.

Q8. What do you know about this Company ?

Answer : Well, before apply for this position here I have researched about the company (You can tell about the number of employees, about the braches if they have any, when the company was established etc).

Q9. Why did you left your last job ?

Answer : I have left my last job because I feel I want to do more, to get hold of a greater opportunity to serve.

Q10. How much experience do you have in this field ?

Answer : If you are fresher say politely (I don’t have work experience Mam/Sir but I have done several live projects and also I have done industrial training of 6 months. Some of the project I’m proud which include [mention those remarkable ones].

Q11. What all you have done to improve your knowledge in last few months ?

Answer : well, from my childhood I am very eagle to know about new things and even now I am very active member of workshops, seminars, training related to industry