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WordPress Menus

How to Create menu in Wordpress

Add page to menu, add category to menu, add Static link to menu

Keep it in mind that you just have created pages till now, you haven't used those pages in your website.
When you will visit the website, either you will not see those pages on your website or you will see those pages in improper manner, that clearly means that your purpose of creating all those pages is not fulfilled yet.
To accomplish your purpose you need to use those pages and to use those pages you have to follow the steps given below:
STEP 1. Go to Appearance option. A window will pop-out then click on menus from that window. menus
STEP 2. Click on Create a new menu. createmenus
STEP 3. Enter the menu name in the text box. menuname
STEP 4. Click on create menu option. createmenuoption
STEP 5. Add menu items from the column on the left. check the pages you want to add to the menu you created. click on add to menu option from same window. selectpages
STEP 6. You can drag and drop the pages to change the position or series of existing pages. drag drop
STEP 7.You can create a drop down in the pages(submenu). subpage

To do this follow the below steps:

STEP 8.Drag the pages you want to create as subpages and drop them alittle right of the super page(page that you want to create main page). subpagedrop

You can also Add category and Link to the menu.

STEP 9. Set the menu settings from menu settings options as per your need. you can select Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu or primary menu. menusettings
STEP 10. click on save menu. savemenu

Steps to delete a menu:

STEP 1. Go to appearance option and click on menus. STEP 2. Click on select a menu to edit and select the menu from the drop down. selectmenu
STEP 3. Click on select option. selectmenuoption
STEP 4. Click on delete menu. deletemenu