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WordPress Post

What is WordPress Post ? How to create and update WordPress Post

A CMS can have different type of content and WordPress is a CMS so it also holds different content that content is called post. All those posts are stored in same place in WordPress i.e. in the wp_post table in the database you created at the time of installation.

Steps to see all existing post on your website:

STEP 1. Go to the post link on the left bar of the dashboard. A menu will pop up then click on 'All posts' in that menu. allpost

STEP 2. It will take you to a new page where all posts are given with its all information like author,categories,tags etc


Steps to add new POST

STEP 1. login into your wordpress blog. adminlogin

STEP 2. Go to the post link on the left bar of the dashboard. A menu will pop up then click on new post in that menu.


STEP 3. A new post form will appear. Enter the heading of the post in first line(text box) of the form


STEP 4. Enter the content in the text area given in the post form.


STEP 5. You can add media i.e. images or videos to your post:

A.Click on add media on the top left of text are given to add the content to your post. addmedia

B. A window will appear. it will show some images,you can add any image from those existing images.you can upload any new image from your system by clicking on 'upload files'. addmediawindow

C. Now click on 'insert into post' on the bottom right corner of the window. insertmedia

STEP 6. Now choose the category of the post from right bar of the dashboard or you can create new category too by clicking on add new category.


STEP 7. Write tags related to your post on the side bar. you can use multiple tags for single post.


STEP 8. Now add featured image to your post by clicking on Set featured image. Featured image will describe your post.


STEP 9. To add featured image you can select from existing images or can be uploaded from the system. if you want to add an existing image then go to media files and if you want to upload an image then click on uplaod files.After selecting an image click on Set featured image to add it to your post. it will be seen like this.....


To remove the featured image click on Remove featured image. STEP 10. Steps to add comment option to your post: click on screen options on the top right corner of the screen.A window will pop up.


Select the discussion option from the window. discussion

Now scroll down the screen and a discussion box will appear, select Allow comments and Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page. discussionbox

STEP 11. You can change layout for your post. To do that scroll down and go to end of dashboard,there is a window 'Select layout for the specific post only'. From there you can select layout as per your need or you can leave it as default layout set in theme setting.


STEP 12. Now to see the preview of your post, click on 'preview' on the top right of dashboard. it will show you a preview of your post.


if you dont like your post and you want to delete it then click on 'move to trash' option given on the bottom left corner of publish window.


STEP 13. if you like your post and you want to publish it on your site then click on the publish button in publish window. publish

Steps to delete or edit a Post:

STEP 1. Go to all post page.
STEP 2. Bring the cursor to the post you want to delete or edit. Delete and edit option will become visible to you. click on the option Trash to delete and on edit to edit your existing post.