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XQuery Tutorial

XQuery Tutorial

XQuery tutorial lays out simple and advanced XQuery concepts. Our tutorial on XQuery is for beginners and professionals alike.

XQuery is a functional query language that is based on expressions from XPath.

XQuery is a query-based tool for retrieving stored data in Xml file. XQuery is to XML as a database is to SQL.

Our XQuery guide discusses all XQuery topics, such as XQuery Syntax, sequence functions, add functions, string functions, date functions, regular expressions, if not, custom functions, etc.


You will have the fundamental knowledge of XML before learning the XQuery.


Our tutorial XQuery is planned to support beginners and professionals.


We promise you won't find any problems in this tutorial on XQuery. So if there is any mistake, please post the problem in contact form.

XQuery Tutorial Index

Sr.No. Topics
1 What is XQuery
2 XQuery Features
3 XQuery Environment Setup
4 XQuery vs XPath
5 XQuery vs XSLT
6 XQuery First Example
7 XQuery FLWOR
8 XQuery HTML Format
9 XQuery XPath
10 XQuery Syntax
11 XQuery Add
12 XQuery Functions
13 XQuery Sequences
14 XQuery Sequence Functions
15 XQuery String Functions
16 XQuery string-length() Function
17 XQuery concat() Function
18 XQuery string join() Function
19 XQuery Time and Date Function
20 XQuery current-date() Function
21 XQuery current-dateTime() Function
22 XQuery current-time() Function
23 XQuery If Then Else Statement
24 XQuery Regular Expressions

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