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Python Tutorial for Beginners – A Complete Guidance with Us

Are you searching for python tutorial ? You must be familiar with the fact that Python is a high-level programming language.

This high-level programming language is often used for general purpose programming. Python as a programming language was created by the talented Guido Van Rossum and this language first appeared during 1990.

However, it was officially released during the year of 1991. This programming language has a design philosophy behind it and that philosophy puts a certain amount of emphasis on code readability while using significant white space.

This Python tutorial is aimed at helping an individual in understanding this programming language in a much better way.

The Audience

This Python tutorial is helpful for any software programmer who wishes to learn the Python programming language from the scratch or the mere basics.

The Prerequisites

To gain as much as possible from this tutorial, we suggest that you should be familiar with the various computer programming terminologies. Also, if you know some other computer programming language then, it is just another plus for you.

For Any Queries or Problems Related To the Python Tutorial

We have created this python tutorial while keeping many points in our heads so that you do not face any kind of problem in understanding the material provided in the whole tutorial.

However, if you do come across any query or problem while going through the tutorial then kindly post it in the contact form and we will make sure that we personally assist you. This will ensure that all your queries and problems are resolved as soon as possible.

Python Tutorial Index

Sr.No. Topics
1 Python Introduction
2 Getting Started With Python
3 Learn Python Syntax
4 Python Variables
5 Python Casting With Example
6 The Python Numbers Exercises
7 Python String
8 Learn Python Operators
9 Python List
10 Python Tuples
11 Python Set Operations
12 Python Dictionary
13 Python Conditions
14 For Loops Python
15 While Loop in Python
16 The Python Functions
17 The Python Array
18 Python Lambda
19 Python Classes and Objects
20 The Python Iterators
21 The Python Modules
22 Python Datetime
23 Python JSON
24 The Python PIP
25 Regular Expression in Python
26 File Handling in Python
27 Python Read File
28 Python Create File
29 Python Delete File
30 Getting Started With Python MySQL
31 Python Mysql Create Database
32 Python MySQL Create Table
33 Python MySQL – Insert into Table
34 Python MySQL – Select From Table
35 Python MySQL Where
36 Python MySQL Order By
37 Pyhton Mysql Delete
38 Python Mysql Drop Table
39 Python MySql Update Table
40 Python SQL Query Limit
41 Python Mysql Join Query
42 Python Built-in Exceptions

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