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SEO Tutorial

SEO Tutorial for Beginners : Learn In 30 Days

SEO Tutorial

Since the inception of digital marketing learning SEO’s concepts and mastering it has become a vital and important aspect of almost all websites in this day and age. Here I will help you to learn SEO step by step starting with its basic definition which stands for search engine optimization which is a systematic and calculated process where we can affect the visibility of a website by improving the search results a web search engine calls as unpaid. These unpaid search engine results also are called as “natural”, “organic” or “earned”. The higher a website organic results the higher it places in the S.E.R.P or the search engine result page which in turn affect the visibility which brings visitors to the website who convert into customers Now before we proceed to learn SEO we must first understand the role of SEO and how it helps web design. The websites which ignore SEO primary guidelines will have the following negative effects.

  • Even with quality content, the website will suffer when it is not ranked at the top of the search results.
  • Without the right content strategy, the website has a bad time against websites with similar content
  • Potential customers will have a difficult time finding and navigating the website


Types Of SEO

Now to learn SEO, a basic look at the important parts which can also be called SEO for beginners learning SEO will require in understanding the three pillars of SEO which is tech, on page and off page

  • The Technical Part of SEO looks at the technical details of the web page
  • On page part of SEO looks at the content strategy like keywords used, Meta title, Meta description and URL etc
  • Off-page part of SEO looks at spreading connections the website has in Google and other search engines

Each aspect will have a separate tutorial which will help you learn SEO easily

SEO Tutorial Index

Sr.No. Topics
1 Search Engine vs Web Portal
2 What is Domain Name
3 What is SEO
4 Best Keyword Research Tools
5 Techniques and Types of SEO
6 Black Hat SEO
7 White Hat SEO
8 What is a Search Engine
9 What is Swot Model and Analysis
10 SEO Competitor Analysis
12 Types of Ads Keywords
13 Web Design and Layout For Seo
14 Quality Content for SEO
15 ON Page Seo
16 What is Page Title in SEO
17 HTML Meta keywords
18 Seo Header Tags
19 SEO Meta tags
20 What is Domain Canonicalization?
21 Miscellaneous Meta Tags
22 Open Graph Meta Tags
23 Alt Text for Images
24 Internal linking in SEO
25 What is a Sitemap
26 Hidden Text In SEO
27 SEO Web hosting
28 HTML Meta Robots
29 301 and 302 Redirection
30 404 Error in SEO
32 seo directory submission
33 RSS feed in SEO
34 SEO Blog Submission
35 Article Submission
36 SEO Forum Posting
37 Search Engine Submission
38 SEO Social Bookmarking
39 Press Release Submission Site
40 10 Essential On-Page SEO Factors You Need to Know
41 On Page SEO Techniques That will Boost Your Keyword Rankings

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