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SEO Meta tags

What are SEO Meta Tags?

Seo meta tags are HTML tags providing information on the contents of a webpage or a website for search engines. Not visible to users, meta tags provide information on who created the page, what the page is about and what keywords represent the page. Placed inside the HTML TAGS, meta tags look something like this <head><meta tags/<head>  

SEO meta tags consist of three parts which are

  • Title Tags or Header Tags

Title tags are the title text which is present on the title bar of the browser on a SERP. Meta title tag for example Seo Meta tags  

  • Meta Description

Coming under the title tag, called meta description. It provides a brief summary of the contents of the page. meta tags example  

  • Meta Keywords

Meta keywords are the keywords and phrases which correctly describe your page to search engines. Not visible to the user it is only used for search engine crawlers.   HTML meta keywords

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