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Hidden Text In SEO

What SEO Hidden text?

Hidden text SEO is a black hat method where spammers hide keywords on web pages for SERP rankings. hidden text seo

from the above image, we can see that the text isn't visible and by stuffing them with keywords crawlers go through the webpage.

There are several ways of hidden text SEO such as

Color Matching

The simplest form of hidden text SEO spam, this method just replaces the color of the text to match the background image.  

Using div to Hide Text

DIV functions to create menus, but div hidden text SEO functions by stuffing keywords in the division then setting the div to none.

<div style=”display: none”>This is hidden text</div>  

Harder to spot because of multiple style sheets, some SEOs consider it as a hidden text SEO.

some div  functions such as DIVISON <div style=”position: absolute; left: -500px”>hidden text</div>

This changes the position of the text moving it far away from the webpage hiding it in effect.

VISIBILITY <div style=”visibility: hidden”>hidden text</div>

Visiblity can be changed to hidden and hides the text on the webpage.  


NoScript tags hide the text in a tag and only display it when the browser does not view scripts. Great for ranking but the tags do not carry any values.

{mospagebreak title=Hidden text is spam}

Here are some important guidelines which will help you give a clear indication when and when not to use hidden text.  

Google’s guidelines can be found here:


Check here for Yahoo’s guidelines:


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