We know that SEO makes the website in question ranks high in an S.E.R.P. Similarly, a search engine finds and ranks the websites with relevant and closest keywords by indexing and crawling. So this tutorial of SEO KEYWORD RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS will help you pick your keywords and optimize your website to your keywords so that it suits your needs.  

What are Keywords in SEO?

SEO Keyword is the keywords and phrases that describe your website to your general audience and search engines. Optimized keywords help to rank your website high in an S.E.R.P creating a strong impression on your visitors.    

What is SEO Keyword Research and Analysis?

Keyword research and analysis take steps to find the correct keyword(s) and phrase(s) that describe the website. With the correct balance and quality, Search engine crawlers can index the website to the best rank possible.  

Why is SEO Keyword Research and Analysis Important for a Website?

keyword research and analysis are important because it provides the foresight to your target audience on where your website is most relevant. A quality assurance for search engines. As time passes a white hat SEO based website keeps adding web pages and content and with an optimized set of keywords for each web page it becomes unique and at the same time provides publicity and quality control for the website. Visitors going through your website have a high amount of percentage to convert into quality customers.  

Picking the Right Keywords For Your Website

To pick the right keywords for your website first I will introduce you different variations keywords of that are most prevalent and useful for any website There are two variations of keywords  

1- Long Tail keywords

These are the type of keywords that have multiple keywords attached to them and are very accurate in terms of the information a user is trying to search. Some examples of long tail keywords how to pick keywords  

2- Short Tail keywords

Short tail keywords are the keywords that consist of only one or two words and are difficult keywords to rank as they mostly specify one aspect of the website and are highly competitive. Examples of short tail keywords    how to do keyword analysis   These keywords just generalize the content on the website without going in-depth But without the mention of the website, It is difficult for the website to rank.  

Pick the Right Keywords for Your Website

Now that the definition and type of keyword are clear how do you pick the right keyword for your website? Here are some starting tips to get you started  

  • KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!! Think Like Your Target Audience
One of The easiest aspect to understand but the most difficult to master is trying to Avoid complicated and hard to pronounce words since most beginners are under the impression that the more complicated and unique the higher value the keyword would be but that is rarely true as most users tend to be in a hurry and don’t want to waste time typing complicated words. Keeping it simple and easy will allow easy access  and understanding of the website which can lead to better quality traffic.  
  • KNOW THY ENEMY!!! Study your biggest competition and analyze him
By studying and knowing the patterns of your competition you can find ways to generate traffic with the help of keywords without having to go through a drastic overhaul and can create lead generation and keyword ideas by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.  
  • USE THE TOOLS!!! Use all the help you can with keyword research tools
By using keyword research tools such as Google keyword planner your work on keywords is cut short and simplified as you can get a clear-cut understanding of what keywords you can use and how to frame it

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