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Alt Text for Images

What is Alt Text for Images?

For websites images are one the most important aspect for websites, as images can provide the most amount of information with the least time possible. Alt text for images optimizes the image for search engine crawlers.

Images are not inserted but instead, they are linked in the HTML. A well-optimized image raises the SEO of the website massively.

The image tags make images recognizable for search engine crawlers by giving a title. here is an example of an alt tag  




<img src="seo/images/images-and-alt-text1.png" alt="SEO Images and alt text 1"/>



What are the Advantages of alt text for Images?

  • Sometimes the image on your website fails to render, in those cases having an alt text for the image displays what the image is about to the user.
  • Search engine crawlers understand only text, they cannot comprehend images so by adding alt text for images, crawlers find and rank the image higher on SERPS.
  • Adding keywords to Alt text makes both the images and website rank higher on a SERP.

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