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HTML Meta keywords

What are Meta Keywords and What happened to it?

HTML meta keywords are the lists of keywords that you are using for your webpage or website. Meta keywords functioned as a method for search engines to rank web pages as you put important keywords relevant to the webpage. The problem with HTML meta keywords began when people realized that there was no limit and started to stuff their pages with as many keywords that they can think of. Pretty soon newer search engines like Google realized meta keywords became a black hat technique for ranking web pages and discontinued it to rank pages.


  HTML meta keywords  

So do you need HTML Meta Keywords?

HTML meta keywords are dead for ranking in terms of SEO,  they can still give insight into keywords a webpage has. But careful, stuffing web pages with meta keywords makes it a black hat technique and as a result, the website gets penalized by search engines, here are some ways you can still use HTML meta keywords
  • Don't use more than 10-15 keywords
  • Don't repeat any keywords
  • Keep it specific and relevant
  • Keywords that the most important to your website comes first
The following is an example of meta keywords located in the header area  
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title> Phptpoint - PHP7 Tutorial, Learn PHP Online by Expert & Developer. </title> 
<meta name = "description" content="PHP 7 tutorial, learn php online by Php Experts & Developers step by step guide,
 easy to understand, from basic to advanced concepts on Phptpoint."> 
<meta name = "keywords" content="Php, jave, python, seo, html " >
  <p>Welcome to my first web page.</p> 

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