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What is Domain Name

What is Domain Name

In the previous SEO tutorial, I gave a brief but detailed introduction to SEO and why it is important to understand SEO concepts for your website. so what is a domain and why is domain name so important to SEO?

What is a Domain?

Domain is a unique name that appears on the URL which is Uniform Resource Locator and tells the name of the address of a website hence a domain will make it easy to navigate and traverse your website. In short, it is an identification string which gives your website a part of control over the internet Domain follow the rules and guidelines of DNS which is short for domain name system

For Example


Why is a Domain Important to SEO?

Domain name is important to SEO since it forms the identity of the website on the internet  A relatable and easily understood domain makes it easy for visitors to remember your website  Hence although advisable to have the necessary keyword in your domain name it is not compulsory what is rather necessary is for you to make your domain name as relevant and relatable to your website’s personal or professional ascetic as it helps in making your website more relevant and approachable

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