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Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO or unethical SEO are methods which use aggressive means to rank a website in a search engine. These methods are irrelevant to the content of the website or are completely different for some websites. Methods such as keyword stuffing, page swapping, invisible text and adding irrelevant keywords to increase traffic and customers. Blackhat SEO finds loopholes around search engine rules and guidelines and when caught the website gets banned from the search engine

What are the Advantages of Black Hat SEO or Unethical SEO?

  • Quick and easy methods to generate revenue and ranking for the website
  • Low competition as these methods are unethical in nature
  • The fastest way to reach short-term goals for any websites

What are the Disadvantages of Black Hat SEO?

  • Unethical and illegal in nature
  • The search engine bans the website once it catches the black hat methods with the help of its search engine algorithm
  • Since there is no good regulation and checking of backlinks, the website is open to hacking and risks
  • The target audience of the website will spread negative opinions on social media, which will affect the reputation of the website

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