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VB.Net program to create a class add two distances

Write a VB.Net program to create a class add two distances

We are going to build a distance class here that includes feet and inches. We will add two distances here.

Program :

Below is the source code for creating a class to add two distances. The program given is compiled and successfully executed.

'VB.Net program to create a class to

'read and add two distance.

Class Distance
    Private feet As Integer
    Private inch As Integer
    Sub SetDist(ByVal f As Integer, ByVal i As Integer)
        feet = f
        inch = i
    End Sub
    Sub PrintDist()
        Console.WriteLine(vbTab & "Feet: " & feet)
        Console.WriteLine(vbTab & "Inch: " & inch)
    End Sub
    Function AddDist(ByVal D As Distance) As Distance
        Dim temp As New Distance()
        temp.feet = feet + D.feet
        temp.inch = inch + D.inch
        If (temp.inch >= 12) Then
            temp.feet = temp.feet + 1
            temp.inch = temp.inch - 12
        End If
        AddDist = temp
    End Function
End Class
Module Module1
    Sub Main()
        Dim D1 As New Distance()
        Dim D2 As New Distance()
        Dim D3 As New Distance()
        D1.SetDist(5, 7)
        D2.SetDist(6, 6)
        D3 = D1.AddDist(D2)
        Console.WriteLine("Distance1: ")
        Console.WriteLine("Distance2: ")
        Console.WriteLine("Distance3: ")
    End Sub
End Module
Feet: 5
Inch: 7
Feet: 6
Inch: 6
Feet: 12
Inch: 1

We created a Module1 module in the program above that includes the Main() function. Here, we created a distance class that contains two feet and inches of data members. We created three SetDist(), PrintDist(), and AddDist methods in the Distance class ().

To set the value of data members, the SetDist() method is used. To print the distance on the console screen, the PrintDist() method is used. The method AddDist() is used to add two distances and return the distance added to the calling function.

The function Main() is an entry point for the program. Here, we created three D1, D2, and D3 objects.

Then read User Distance and then use the AddDist() method to add distances and then print the distances on the console screen.

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