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VB.Net program to demonstrate the private methods

Write a VB.Net program to demonstrate the private methods

Here, we will build a student class that includes within the class certain private methods; within the public method, the private methods will be called.

Program :

Below is the source code to show the private methods within the class. The program given is compiled and successfully executed.

'VB.Net program to demonstrate the private methods inside the class.

Class Student
    Private roll_no As Integer
    Private name As String
    Private fees As Integer
    Private address As String
    Private Sub ReadStart()
        Console.WriteLine("Start reading from user")
    End Sub
    Private Sub ReadStop()
        Console.WriteLine("Stop reading")
    End Sub
    Sub ReadInfo()
        Console.Write("Enter roll number: ")
        roll_no = Integer.Parse(Console.ReadLine())
        Console.Write("Enter student name: ")
        name = Console.ReadLine()
        Console.Write("Enter student fees: ")
        fees = Integer.Parse(Console.ReadLine())
        Console.Write("Enter student address: ")
        address = Console.ReadLine()
    End Sub
    Sub PrintInfo()
        Console.WriteLine("Student Information")
        Console.WriteLine(vbTab & "Roll Number: " & roll_no)
        Console.WriteLine(vbTab & "Roll Name  : " & name)
        Console.WriteLine(vbTab & "Fees       : " & fees)
        Console.WriteLine(vbTab & "address    : " & address)
    End Sub
End Class
Module Module1
    Sub Main()
        Dim S As New Student
    End Sub
End Module
Start reading from user
Enter roll number: 12
Enter student name: Vaibhav
Enter student fees: 18000
Enter student address: Delhi
Stop reading
Student Information
Roll Number: 12
Roll Name : Vaibhav
Fees : 18000
address : Delhi


We created a Module1 module in the program above that includes the Main() function. Here, we have built a student class that includes four roll-no data members, name, fees, address. We built two private ReadStart() and ReadStop() methods and two public ReadInfo() and PrintInfo() methods throughout the student class ().

Within the public methods, the private methods would be named so we do not call outside the class private members.

To read the student information from the user, the ReadInfo() method is used. The PrintInfo() method is used on the console screen to print student details.

The Main() method is the entry point for the program, where we created the Student class object then called ReadInfo() and PrintInfo() using the student knowledge object to read and print.

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