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Difference between Node.js and Python

Node.js vs Python

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1. Node.js is way quicker than Python. Python is more cute than JavaScript. So programming in python is very enjoyable if you don't like JavaScript. It also has other useful language features, such as decorators, generators, classes, etc..
2. Node.js is very popular and growing day by day in the job market. It was first released May 27, 2009. Python's development started in the late 80's and was published on December 1989. Yeah, this is a lot older than Node.js.
3. Node.js is used by very large companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple etc. Millions of active applications are designed on different versions of JavaScript. For python there isn't the craze now a day. Currently no other language such as Node.js ever had support.
4. A developer working on a web project must have the knowledge of Node.js because it will have to deal with node sooner or later because several tools, such as module loaders, CSS preprocessors, template engines, etc. are designed to run on node. Python is an object-oriented, strongly typed, multifunctional programming language that can easily be combined with C, C++, and JAVA etc.
5. Node.js stands for callback. Its programming is based on event / callback, which makes it quicker but also more difficult to debug and maintain Which Python? stands for callback. It helps generators making it a lot easier and concise.

Node.js Advantages over Python

Below are some important features which make Node.js better than Python.

  1. Node.js can be used for the creation of both clients and servers.
  2. Node.js uses the V8 engine from Google Chrome which makes the execution of code very fast in its library.
  3. For asynchronous programming Node.js is well suited.
  4. Node.js gets popular day after day. It is now being used by several businesses such as Twitter, Microsoft and Apple etc.
  5. Node.js uses non-blocking I / O throughout, so building real-time web application is the best choice. For example: Application to chat. Python, on the other hand, is the best choice for developing Web applications based on CRUD.

Python Advantages over Node.js

  1. Python is an object-oriented, multifunctional programming language that can easily be combined with C, C++, and JAVA etc. It's clean and includes several useful language features JavaScript doesn't have including Generators, Decorators, and Classes etc.
  2. If you know Python then you can use PyPy + Tornado. It is faster, more competitive, and more sustainable than using Node.js
  3. Node.js says it's faster than Python but Python provides PyPy+ Tornado with the drawback to overcome.
  4. Even, Python uses a number of internet companies now a day i.e. Quora, Nextdoor, Twitter, Pinterest, Apture, Disqus, Mochi Media, Slide Share, etc.

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