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PHP XAMPP Installation

XAMPP Server Installation Steps

Download the XAMPP Setup

Double click the .exe file

Choose a language from the menu,

 click OK.

Click on Next button.

Click on Next button again.


Click on Install.

Finally, click the Finish button.

Click Yes, to open the XAMPP Control Panel (see screenshot below).


Check Apache module and click on start for apache, check mysql module and click on start for mysql

To Launch open your browser and type http://localhost/. you will got the welcome page


How To Execute PHP Script On XAMPP Server

Step 1 :  First Create PHP script using any editor like notepad, notepadd++

echo "Welcome to the world of PHP";	


Step 2 :  Save file as following... Create a directory inside xampp/htdocs/myproject/

Save it inside:   C:xampp/htdocs/myproject/firstProg.php

Start XAMPP server (first time only)

Step 3 :  Run the PHP script

Open Your browser and write in url : localhost/myproject/firstProg.php

Output welcome to the world of php

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