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PHP Software Requirement

PHP Server

The PHP Community Provides Some types of Software Server solution under The GNU (General Public License).

These are the following:

  1. WAMP Server
  2. LAMP Server
  3. MAMP Server
  4. XAMPP Server

All these types of software automatic configure inside operating system after installation it having PHP, MySQL, Apache and operating system base configuration file, it doesn't need to configure manually.

Server Stands for
WAMP Microsoft window o/s, Apache Mysql PHP
LAMP Linux Operating System Apache Mysql PHP
MAMP Mac os Apache Mysql PHP
XAMPP x-os(cross operating system) Apache Mysql PHP Perl

Download and Install WAMP Server

Click here to download WAMP Server

Download and Install LAMP Server

Click here to download LAMP Server

Download and Install MAMP Server

Click here to download MAMP Server

Download and Install XAMPP Server

Click here to download XAMPP Server

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