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This system is an online health, automobile and travel insurance comparison portal.

Our Website features products from many insurance companies and we help customers to compare various insurance plans and narrow down on the insurance policy that best suits customer’s needs and then facilitate online purchase of insurance policy in life insurance and non-life insurance categories.

All customer need to do is type the relevant details pertaining to the type of insurance policy he/she is looking for, such as, health, automobile and travel insurance.

Once customer does so, based on customers details this system gives customer a detailed comparison of all the insurance plans available, in an easily-readable format.

Customer can select the product he/she thinks is best for him/her and then buy it online. To put it simply, we don’t SELL, we TELL!

The categories which the system provides for the user to buy are:

1. Health Insurance

2. Automobile Insurance

3. Travel Insurance


  • Policy Holder
  • Policies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Payment
  • Policy claim
  • Administrator


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  • Login
  • Get Quote
  • Premium Calculation
  • Customer Details
  • Payment Gateway
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Contact Us
  • Claim Assistance
  • Support


Downloading and installation Steps

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