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Learning Management System Project in PHP

E-Learning Management System PHP and MySQL

Now that everything is available on the internet, learning and upgrading new skills has become so much easy. Our online program further makes the process even easier and seamless for the students. You don't need to travel long distances for education.

Our Online Learning Management System In PHP and MySQL offers you to upgrade your technical skills from the comfort of your home. This allows the administration of student learning and teaching activities, facilitates the communication of students, teachers, administrative staff, and tutors. In this way, the system offers the possibility of speeding up and simplifying the learning process.

Learning Management System Online is an open market script application for on-line study. Here, college/school/coaching students and instructors are together mixed to share information utilizing a mostly system based structured course. This application is for the educators and college students that are working for Online education work area. Also, in this application scholastics or instructors can create a boundless scope of course/session/quiz/projects etc.

E-Learning management System PHP and MySQL

At a more specific level, there are three types of users in the E-Learning Management System.

  • Students or users - Students are the ones who receive the training. Students will be able to view their course catalog, complete the courses and any assigned assessments, and measure their own progress.
  • Instructor - A copyrighted user can manage learning content: add and remove users, assign students to courses.
  • Administrators - Administrator is responsible for managing the LMS, which involves a combination of tasks: creating courses and learning plans, assigning courses to students, and giving track of your learning progress.

The objective of the system

The objective of the Learning Management System PHP MySql Source Code is to simplify the generation of statistical data on the academic activity of an educational institution in general.

  • An online training system with a smooth and well organized Graphical User Interface (GUI), easy to understand for the user from the first glance
  • Access to the e-Learning system from anywhere
  • Maximum flexibility in the configuration of the LMS system

Type of Actors/users

  • Admin
  • Instructor/Teacher
  • Student/user

Admin Features

  • System Settings
  • Payment Settings
  • YouTube API Settings
  • Manage Categories
  • Manage Sub-categories
  • Manage Course(Course Contains,
  • Manage Course Section
  • Manage Course Lesson
  • Manage Course Quiz
  • Manage Instructor
  • Manage Student/user
  • Manage Instructor Payment/revenue

Instructor Features

  • Manage Course(Course Contains,
  • Manage Course Section
  • Manage Course Lesson
  • Manage Course Quiz
  • Manage Profile
  • Manage Student/user
  • Check revenue

Student/user Features

  • Can access the website/Course
  • Search for a specific course
  • Top Course
  • Top 10 Course
  • Get Course details on mouseover/thumnail
  • Create Account(Registration)
  • Login
  • Add to Cart/Checkout/Purchase Course
  • Wishlists Course
  • After Purchase/Buy Course See My Course
  • View Lessons
  • Give test/Quiz

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