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Difference between CodeIgniter vs Laravel

Laravel vs Codeigniter


A popular open-source PHP framework which is used widely is Laravel. Web application developed using this framework by MVC pattern. Released under MIT license and source code is available on github open-source. A reliable PHP framework which follow accurate rules of PHP.

A smooth PHP framework which comes in mind while working on project is Codeigniter. It is simple and easy tool in the world of frameworks for creating full dynamic web application fast and efficiently. It also allows third-party plugins for adding more functionality to the project with a benefit of security and encryption.

Pros of using Laravel


  1. Main feature of laravel is inclusion of version control system helping in management of migrations
  2. Built in modules and libraries for enhanced web application.(Composer dependency manager integrates all the modules for easy updates)
  3. A powerful query builder helping in querying large DB, also giving Eloquent i.e. Object Relational Mapper(ORM) and Active Record implementation.
  4. Flexibility for setting routes in web application.
  5. Various features helps in testing through various test case for maintaing the code.
  6. Configuration change is constant for maintaing in an efficient way as different laravel websites might run on different environment and configurations.
  7. Lightweight blade template engine used to design layouts with dynamic content.
  8. Maintaining database schemas to track all changes w.r.t DB migrations.
  9. Authentication features such as Register, Forgot password , send password reminders.
  10. By using LOC container new tools can be generated.

Pros of using Codeigniter

  1. Lightweight framework in the category of web frameworks.
  2. Easy to understand documentation with offline user guide.
  3. Large codeigniter community support for immediate support.
  4. Rapid PHP application development using simple routing methods and cached websites for smooth performance.
  5. Validations of forms and data with encryption, security and XSS filter
  6. Includes different libraries with features used for easy development.
  7. Various class extension support adding with a benefit of large helper functions library.

Difference between Codeigniter and Laravel

Parameters Laravel Codeigniter
DBMS Support Oracle, MS SQL, MySql, DB2, PostgreSQL, JDBC MySQL, Microsoft BI, MongoDB, PostgreSQL addon with popular databases also used in laravel.
Popularity Getting popular day by day with more developers community and fast coding style. Preffered mostly for large projects with heavy features and modules. Less popular than laravel but for building fast small application with all security and features it is prefered mostly.
Structure Follows MVC Structure with a command line tool 'Artisan' MVC Structure based on Object-Oriented Programming
Modules Modularity for dividing project into different modules for easy workflow. No built-in modularity like laravel. Modular extension used for creating and maintaing modules.
API Support RESTful controller helps in manufacturing REST APIs without wasting much time. No streamline development of REST APIs
Online Help Easy to understand documention available with large community working on laravel ready to help out with problems. Built in functionality with a helpful user guide also available offline with download.
Template Engine Simple and Robust template engine i.e. Blade Template Engine No specific template engine. Smarty template engine tool can be used to integrate template engine. Rather its template language is PHP proprietary
HTTP support Can define HTTPs custom routes also specific URL for each HTTPs route. Does not fully support HTTPs
Authentication Authentication class helps in implementing authentication and authorization rules Custom codeigniter extensions for authentication, no built-in authentication features.
Testing Unit testing of code can be done using PHPUnit. No built-in unit testing tools. Developers need to reply on other testing tools for checking application code quality.
Learning Curve Difficult for beginners to learn as it is stuffed with features. Easy and very much friendly to learn for beginners.
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