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Bootstrap Interview Questions

Bootstrap Interview Questions

Have an interview today? Well, we have got you covered with our imminent collection of bootstrap interview questions and answers that covers the rare basics of the Bootstraps as well as the top canopy of it. These bootstrap questions and answers are very simple and easy to understand as these are not like the whole chapter notes instead these are only the main texts that are necessary for the interviewer to understand that yes, you have got the concept.Whether you are a beginner or experienced these bootstrap questions and answers will help you understand the very deep aspect of it very easily. If you are experienced then you'll have an advantage of already knowing the concepts and these bootstrap interview questions and answers for experienced will help you in getting all the facts and points that are missing from your brain's library and hence, you can easily brush up your bootstrap concepts. Here are the top bootstrap interview questions and answers that are asked most frequently:

Q1. What do you mean by Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a HTML, CSS, and JS framework which is used for web development based on a front-end framework and to create rich web applications with minimal effort. It is easy to use and mostly preferred for developing mobile web applications.

Q2. Explain why Bootstrap is preferred for building website development?

Bootstrap can be used for building website development as:

  • Browser Support –It is supported by all extensive browsers such as opera, safari, chrome, firefox, etc.
  • Mobile first approach- with the help of responsive design it supports mobile applications and can adjust as per the device screen size.
  • Easy to get started – it is easy to use and anyone can started. just With the little knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Q3. Explains what are the key components of Bootstrap?

The key components of Bootstrap are:

  • CSS: It consists plenty of CSS files.
  • Scaffolding: It consists basic structure with grid system, background and link styles.
  • Layout Components: It provides the list of layout components.
  • JavaScript Plugins: It consist many JavaScript and jQuery plugins.
  • Customize: you can also customize your components to get your own version framework.

Q4. Explain briefly what is Grid system in Bootstrap?

The bootstrap Grid system allows you to create layouts across the page. The bootstrap grid system allows you up to 12 columns across the page. It is responsive and the columns are rearranged automatically for different viewport sizes (sm, ms, lg, xl).

Q5. Explain an example of showing a basic grid structure in Bootstrap ?

<div class = "container">
<div class = "row">
<div class = "col-*-*"></div>
<div class = "col-*-*"></div>
<div class = "row">...</div>
<div class = "container">....

Q6. What are the types of layout are available in Bootstrap?

There are two types of layouts provided by bootstrap:

Fixed layout-This layout is necessary to create an app that is 100% wide and use up all the screen width.

Fluid layout-you can use this layout only for a standard screen (940px) for a fixed layout.

Q7. What are the Contextual classes used in bootstrap for table?

.active - It Applies the grey color to a particular row or cell

.success - It Indicates a positive or successful action and provide green color

.danger - It indicates a dangerous or negative action

.warning - It needs attention and indicates a warning

Q8. Explain Why do we use Jumbotron in Bootstrap?

A bootstrap jumbotron provides a large grey background with some margin or padding with rounded corners. It is used to highlights some important points, slogans, etc. in web pages. Add class .jumbotron in a <div> element.

Q9. Explain briefly what is a progress bar in bootstrap?

A progress bar is used to provide the feedback on the progress of a process to the user. You can add the class .progress in <div> element and inside .progress add the inner class .progress-bar to its child element

Q10. Explain what is Bootstrap collapsing elements?

Bootstrap Collapse is used to show or hide the large number of data to your page. Add data-toggle="collapse" and data-target attribute to hide and show the particular content.

Q11. Explain what carousel plugin in Bootstrap is ?

It is used to provide the sliding effects in images or text. Add .active class to one of the slides in class carousel-item. Add class carousel slide, id and attribute data-ride="carousel" for sliding the images.

Q12. Explain Bootstrap Navbar?

To create navigation bar use class .navbar with .navar-expand-*(-sm, -col, -lg) in <nav> element for responsive collapsing. It is a simple, easy and powerful. To show current page use class .active. You can also add class .navbar-brand for your company name.

Q13. Explain what is Bootstrap Alerts?

Bootstrap alerts are used to highlights some important text or messages to your webpage. For this, you can use .alert class.

Q14. Explain what is a Bootstrap Card?

A bootstrap card is a box provide flexible content container with padding around the content. It includes header, footer, content, colors, etc. to display content.

Q15. What do you mean by bootstrap pagination?

It indicates to add consecutive numbers of series to the sequential order across multiple pages. For applying bootstrap, you can create a pagination by adding the class .pagination in <ul> element. After create <ul> element you need to create <li> element with a class .page-item

Q16. What are the positions you can use in bootstrap?

Mainly the positions used in bootstrap are: sticky-top, fixed-top, fixed-bottom. Sticky-top position an element at the top of the page, but only after you scroll past it. For fixed-top you can use class .fixed-top and class .fixed-bottom for bottom fixed the element to your page.

Q17. Explain in briefly what are Forms in bootstrap?

The Bootstrap forms includes textual form controls like <input>, <text area>, and <select> elements by using the class .form-control gives the width value of 100% by default.

Q18. What do you mean by modal in bootstrap?

Bootstrap modal is also known as pop-up or dialog box. It displays button ok or cancel with some text in web page. To show the modal, Add class modal in a parent div, add data-toggle="modal" and data-target attribute in Button element.

Q19. Explain what is container?

Bootstrap container is a class used to create a centered area within the page where the content of our site can be put. It is responsive and contain all the HTML code. It contains the grid system and adjust itself different screen sizes.

Q20. What are badges in Bootstrap?

Badges are used to highlight new or unread messages and their corners are more rounded. To use badges add <span class="badge"> to links or text.

Q21. What are Glyphicons in Bootstrap?

By using glyphicons put icon anywhere in your code where you want.

<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-search">

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