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C Interview Questions

C Programming Interview Questions Answers

Q.1- What is C Language ?

Ans : C language is the procedural programming language. the procedural programming means that we can divide the program into small blocks of code.C language is the base of all programming languages so we can say c is the mother of all programming languages.

Q.2 Who is the founder of C Language

Ans : Dennis Ritchie

Q.3 When Was C language Developed

Ans : C language was developed in 1972 at bell laboratories of AT&T

Q.4 What are the main feature of C language

Ans : Basic Features of C Language are :

  • Simple
  • Machine Independent or Portable
  • Mid-level programming language
  • structured programming language
  • Rich Library
  • Memory Management
  • Fast Speed
  • Pointers
  • Recursion
  • Extensible

Q.5 What is the use of printf( ) and scanf( ) function in clanguage

Ans : printf is used to print( ) any type of values and scanf( ) is used to take input from keyboard

Q.6 What is the use of function in C language

Ans : Using the function in c language we can divide a program into a small unit that breaks the big task into smaller tasks so that it makes the C program more understandable.

Q.7 What is static variable in C language

Ans : A static local variables retains its value between the function call and the default value is 0.

Q.8 What is difference between actual and formal parameter.

Ans : The parameters sent to the function at calling end are called as actual parameters while at the receiving of the function definition called as formal parameters.

Q.9 What is the static function in c language

Ans : A function's definition prefixed with static keyword is called as a static function. You would make a function static if it should be called only within the same source code.

Q.10 what is the full form of ANSI

Ans : American National Standards Institute

Q.11 What is the difference between getch() and getche() ?

Ans : The getch() function reads a single character from the keyboard. It doesn't use any buffer, so entered data will not be displayed on the output screen.

The getche() function reads a single character from the keyword, but data is displayed on the output screen. Press Alt+f5 to see the entered character.

Q.12 Is it Possible to Compile a Program Without main Function in c Language ?

Ans : Yes, we can compile, but it can't execute.

Using  #define preprocessor directive we can run a program .
# define start main
Void mystart()
Printf("welcome in c language")

Q.13 What is pointer in c language ?

Ans : Using pointer we can refer to the address of a value. It makes the code effective and makes the performance best. when we declare a variable in the program, then the system allocates some memory to a variable. This address is called as the pointer variable.

Q.14 What is array in c language ?

Ans : Array is the collection of similar types of data. It is contiguous memory location. Every Value of Array is known as elements of array.

There are two types of array in C
1.One-Dimensional array
2.Multidimensional array(Two dimensional, Three Two dimensional, etc)

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