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Php Projects list

Sr. No Project Title
1 Online Examination
2 Mailserver
3 Matrimonial
4 Courier Management System
5 School Management System
6 Invoice Management Project
7 Stock Management System
8 Article Search Engine
9 Event Management System
10 Car Rental System
11 Bus Reservation System
12 Movie Booking System
13 Hotel Management System
14 Online Shopping
15 Video Streaming Like Youtube
16 Gas Booking System
17 School Management System
18 Airline Reservation System
19 Real Estate Project
20 Social Networking like facebook
21 Online News Portal
22 Online Banking System
23 Hostel Management System
24 Online Art Gallery
25 Online job portal(jobseeker)
26 Online Discussion Forum
27 Online Book Store
28 Student Monitoring System
29 Online CV Builder
30 Complaint management System
31 Online voting system
32 Library Management System
33 Student Result Management System
34 Student Information System
35 Student Supervision System
36 Online Law Firm
38 Meeting Management System
39 Traffic accident Record management System
40 Student record management system
41 International Student management system
42 Digital Notice board
43 Share Market Exchange Project
44 Computer Science Dictionary
45 Placement Record Management System
46 Insurance Management System
47 No Dues Management System
46 Online School Fees Billing System
47 Asset Management System
48 Tc Management System
49 ransport Records Management System
50 Bulk email sender software
51 Online leave application system

About PHP Project List

This is PHP project list section of the Phptpoint . PHP Project list is really helpful for those who want a developed project in PHP or want an idea about the topics of Projects which can be developed in PHP.

The project list has been prepared specially for the computer science students. There are more than 50 PHP Project Lists are available here in the PHP project list. All the projects which are available here are developed in PHP technology. We have project list for BCA, project list for MCA, project list for B.TECH, project list for CSE.

Topics are also available here for the students who want to develop project but don’t have an idea about the topic. You just need to go through Php Projects and choose the project from available projects on the page and download Free PHP Projects it from there and then access it on your system.

All other details(how to access, admin details, project specification etc.) related to project are given on PHP Projects page. There we have explained the whole process,features and description about the project.

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