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Simple PHP Blog Script Free Download

Free Download Simple Blog Script Using PHP

Want to quickly see how the Simple PHP Blog works? Then visit here for free download simple blog PHP script in an easy way.

The informative blog was developed to make a personal web of information where a person can view the information easily just a personal blog helpful for posting contents day by day.

An informative blog is not only limited for personal blogs. It can be used as an Online Notice Board or an Informative Notice in a company / College so that authority can post the content and members of the organization and students, teachers in college can view the information with details.

This web application is completely functional and the main objective of this project is to make a portal where users can view the information and there is no authentication for users to register or login to view the content. Just view the content and information present. If any problem regarding the notice/ content you can fill up the simple contact form which will be sent to the Admin. The main functionality is of the admin who handles the website content.

Features of the Project

Admin Features

  1. Create Post
  2. Edit Post
  3. Update Post
  4. Delete Post
  5. View List of Post
  6. Add Image to the Post
  7. Edit/Replace Image of the Post
  8. Delete Image of the Post

User Features :

  1. View all Post
  2. Open specific post to read Full Article
  3. Complaint of suggest something using contact form

Control Structure and Working:

Administrator has full control over the Project it is like a personal blog page with self-made content. Only Admin can login with the username and password and redirected to the index page(Dashboard). The dashboard includes all blog and admin can go to the admin panel by clicking admin button in the navbar and then admin page is in view.

Admin page includes all blogs title, there published date and time and also if any blog contains no published date it is left unpublished and to publish the blog the publish button redirects to edit page where the blog date and time must be set in order to publish the post.

Creating any article is easy just clicking on the Add Article link and it will redirect to the Create article Page.

User is the viewer and blog / article reader. He/She can view all articles listed on the index page with Blog Title, Timestamp, and Category in which it is mentioned while creating and Content. To open up the blog article for full view just click the blog title and the whole article is shown.

User has access to send problem messages using the contact form provided. Users can fill up the contact form with email subject and message and sending it will be sent to the admin main. (For Adding admin email just add your own email in contact.php file)

Project Configuration Steps

  1. Download Project and Extract the File
  2. Copy Extracted folder inside htdocs
  3. Folder Includes "cms.db" file import that in phpmyadmin with cms database name
  4. Run xampp server with apache mysql and run project on browser.
  5. Edit with your own view and choice and Enjoy!!!

Admin Login Details

Username : admin

Password : admin

Total Downloads : 15635

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