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Social Networking Project like: Facebook

Title: Facebook Language: HTML,CSS,Javascript,PHP,MySQL PHP projects source code:

Facebook social networking media with dynamic form processing code in PHP.

This is a basic PHP script for students and PHP beginners.

You can use this PHP project just by extracting the given PHP zip file and make use of it.

This Php project is totally free for all kinds of students..

This PHP project is an example of the functionality of dynamic pages using PHP source code.

Throughout this project, JavaScript is used for validations be it simple one or complex.

Facebook is a software for social networking media. Its a platform for sharing our day-to-day life and thoughts by using electronic media.

A totally new concept that is way ahead from the simple mail exchange and IM's facilitated by Yahoomail and other mail servers.

Nowadays it's widely used for sharing some memorable movements of our life as-well-as business growth by photo sharing.

Software Requirements

  • WAMP
  • LAMP
  • MAMP

Installation Steps

1. Download and Unzip .

2. Put this file inside c:/wamp/www/ .

3. Database Configuration

  a) Open Phpmyadmin

  b) Create a database "faceback"

  c) Select database "faceback" and click on Import .

  d) Browser file "faceback.sql" from database folder(downloaded by you) e) Click on "Go" button

4.Run(Execute) facebook Project Open Your browser put inside "http://localhost/facebook/"

Login as Admin

1.Put inside your browser "http://localhost/facebook/admin"
2.Login Details:
Username : admin
Password : admin

Downloading and installation Steps

Total Downloads : 21229

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