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Wordpress Installation

WordPress Installation Steps

  1. Download the package from http://www.wordpress.org
  2. Open your root web server
  3. Put wordpress downloaded
  4. Extract it, you will get a folder named "wordpress_[version]".
  5. For simple, rename the folder to be "wordpress" only.

Database Configuration:-

  1. Open your phpmyadmin
  2. create a database like wordpress
  3. Point your browser to http://localhost/wordpress. You should get like this:


4.Click on create on configuration file. check this Image:


5. Click on Let's go. Check below image:


6. Enter your database Details earlier you have created(wordpress)

Database User : root

Password : null

Database : dbname

and create on submit. You should get like this:


7. Run the install. You should get like this:


8. Click on Let's go. You should get like this:

9. Site title :wordpress-demo

10. Username :admin

11. Password twice:admin

12. Your email:admin@gmail.com

13. click install wordpress. You should get like this :


Installation Successfully completed To customize your wordpress website Please Log In

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